Net Run Rate Explained With Case Studies: Everything You Need to Know

Do you remember the famous 1999 world cup semi final between Australia and South Africa.

As there was no super over format at that time, It was the Net Run Rate rule that allowed Australia to advance into the final

1999 semifinal was tied at 213 runs

What is Net Run Rate ? How it is calculated

In this post we will learn how NRR is calculated in different scenario.

What is Net Run Rate

Net Run Rate which also abbreviated as NRR, It is a statistical tool used to measure the performance of a team in limited over ( Odi, T20, T10) matches.

Why NRR is important

NRR mainly used for tie breaker in the tournaments. If two team has same points and 1 team have to advance, NRR is used to tie break. The team which have higher NRR will advance to next round. Please note that each tournament have each set of rules for advancing in to the next round.

How Net Run Rate is calculated

Net run Rate calculation is simple. But inaccurate data will lead to misleading results

Formula of NRR Calculation

\[ \text{NRR} = \frac{\text{Runs Scored}}{\text{Overs Faced}} – \frac{\text{Runs Conceded}}{\text{Overs Bowled}} \]


  • \( \text{Runs Scored} \) – The total runs scored by the team
  • \( \text{Overs Faced} \) – The total number of overs faced by the team while batting.
  • \( \text{Runs Conceded} \) – The total runs scored by the opponents against the team.
  • \( \text{Overs Bowled} \) – The total number of balls bowled by the team while fielding.

Now we can go to the various NRR Scenarios

Starting with some basic calculations

Case 1 – In a tournament, Team India scored 1100 runs in 120 overs and conceded 1048 runs in 130 overs. What is the net run rate of India

We can apply the NRR calculation formula

  • Runs Scored – 1100
  • Overs Faced – 120
  • Runs Conceded – 1048
  • Overs Bowled – 130

\[ \text{NRR} = \frac{\text{1100}}{\text{120}} – \frac{\text{1048}}{\text{130}} \]

Team India having positive NRR. It suggests that team India scored more runs than what opposition scored against them. This also implies, team India’s dominant performance in the tournament

Dealing With Decimals

Each over consists of six balls. So, when converting overs into decimal form for NRR calculations, you should express any remaining balls as a mathematically equivalent

An over contain 6 balls. if an over showing 20.2, it means the team bowled 20 overs and 2 balls. so total (20*6)+ 2 = 122 Balls.

There will be instance when the team not completely play the whole over. so we have to deal with decimals

Case 2 : Team Australia score 620 runs in 58.3 overs. In bowling they conceded 580 runs in 60.2 overs. What is the net run rate of Australia ?

In scoring the Australia faced 58.3 overs. This is in Over decimal form. 0.3 means they have only played the 3 balls in an over that’s why it showing .3 in the over. We have to convert into the mathematically equivalent.

.3 means they played half of an over. In this NRR Calculation, Over faced will be 58 and half of an over. So we have to change 58.3 to 58.5

Australia bowled 60.2 overs. We have to change the decimal. 2 balls means 2/6 of an over. So the overs will be 60+2/6 = 60.333

\[ \text{NRR} = \frac{\text{620}}{\text{58.5}} – \frac{\text{580}}{\text{60.333}} \]

BallsDecimal to put
Decimal representation of overs to the mathematically equivalent

Scenarios when team All out before the full over

Case 3 : In an odi match between New Zealand and England, New Zealand all out for 210 runs in 41.4 overs. England scored 211 runs in 45.5 overs. What is the NRR of New Zealand

When a team all out it is considered as they have faced all the overs.

we can calculate the NRR of New Zealand

  • Runs scored – 210
  • Overs faced – 50 (New Zealand all out)
  • Runs conceeded – 211
  • Overs Bowled – 45.5

\[ \text{NRR} = \frac{\text{210}}{\text{50}} – \frac{\text{211}}{\text{45.833}} \]

If you got NRR = -0.403, That is correct

These are the various cases in NRR Calculation

Hope Everyone understand Net Run Rate. you can leave doubts and feedback below

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