Cricket’s Speedometer : Understand the Batting Strike Rate

In cricket batting strike rate is like speedometer in cars, it represent how fast the batter is scoring the runs. In this post we can look through how batting strike rate is calculated and some interesting things about the batting s/r

What is Batting Strike Rate ?

Batting Strike rate which is abbreviated as SR which is a statistical measure to understand how fast or slow a batter is scoring runs. If the strike rate is high we can say, the batter is playing in aggressive. While a slow s/r means the batter is playing defensively.

Usually Batting strike rate are more taken care in Limited over formats. If a batter playing in 100 s/r, It means he is scoring the same runs as ball faced. If a batter faced 70 balls and strike rate is 100, the batter would have scored 70 runs.

In technically Batting strike rate is the average number of runs scored by a batter after facing 100 balls

Strike Rate = \( \left( \frac{\text{Runs scored}}{\text{Balls faced}} \right) \times 100 \)

Now we can go to a situation

In 2011 Odi wc final MS Dhoni scored 91 runs from 79 Balls. Find the strike rate of MS Dhoni ?

  • Runs Scored – 91
  • Balls faced – 79

Strike Rate = \( \left( \frac{\text{91}}{\text{79}} \right) \times 100 \)

if you got 115.18, Yes you are right

Check out our Simple Batting Strike rate calculator

You should not rely on Batting S/R only

Batting strike rate cannot tell who is the best batter of a match. If a batter hit 1st ball six and he got out in second ball, his strike rate will be 300. The other batter scored 30 runs in 15 balls, his strike rate is 200.

Even though First batter have a good strike rate, second batter contribution is considered as more impactful and substantial. Batting strike rate alone doesn’t provide a complete picture of a batter’s performance in a match

AB De Villiers scored 149 from 44 Balls. His batting S/R was 338.63 during the fastest 100 in Odi

It is very essential to analyse strike rate in the context of the game and consider match situations before drawing conclusions about a player’s performance.

For example, If a team is struggling in a tricky pitch, but a batter patiently score the runs and win the game, we can say the batter performed well despite of a a low strike rate

I think you have understood about Batting S/R. Check the NRR Calculation

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